Yalandra Pastoral Co is a Wagyu breeding operation based in the fertile Mitta Valley Vic and Jindera NSW.

Yalandra runs a highly efficient commercial self replacing herd of 1000 breeders as well as a registered herd with outstanding genetics. At Yalandra we believe in a multifaceted approach to running a successful Wagyu enterprise. Genetics, animal health, pasture improvement,
rotational grazing, nutrition and low stress animal husbandry are all integral to successfully
achieving the maximum phenotypic expression of the genetics in our herd.

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Breeding Philosophy

Yalandra Pastoral Co has been breeding and investing in premium wagyu genetics since 2003. The aim of our genetic program is to create outstanding all round animals with not only good marbling but also excellent growth, carcass, milk and temperament.

Running a self-replacing herd requires that offspring meet premium marketĀ  requirements but also heifers are of a high standard improving herd quality with every generation.

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Genetics at Yalandra Pastoral Co

At Yalandra Pastoral Co we have a fantastic line of bulls home bred and purchased that we use over our 1000+ breeder herd. We run comprehensive AI program in both Autumn and Spring using a lot of our own semen well as some exemplary purchased semen.

When we do send the bulls off for collection, we make sure to get extra, so we can share the great genetics and bloodlines

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Our Sires

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