Semen Straws

TYDDEWI2 lots of 5 straws
4 lots of 10 straws
An opportunity to purchase semen from a high calibre bull with in the top 1% for every index.
Marble score of +2.6 and marble fineness of +0.38.
A massive EMA value of +7.1 and additonal good growth of +28 400 day and +38 600 day breedplan values and some incredible genetics make this bull hard to go past for any and all breeding programs.
BINOWEER324 lots of 10 straws
2 lots of 20 straws
Semen avaible from this incredible bull with an allround
outstanding EBV.
A top 1% marble score of +3.0
A top 1% marble fineness of +0.45
EMA a massive +4.7
No compomise on growth. 600 day value of +25 and Mwt of +35.
A pedigree of a pedigrees. Sired by TYDDEWIN4431 and grandsired by Itoshigenami IMUFQTF148.
R165 lots of 20 strawsThe first time semen is available from this cracking young bull.
An outstanding bull. Top 5% in all indexes!
A huge marble score of 2.
Marble fineness of 0.29 and top 15% EMA this bull will create a carcass to be proud of and to top it off he produces in the top 35% 400 day, 600 day, mature and carcass weight.
In terms of his pedigree, he has it all. Itoshigenami, Shigeshigenami J10632, Fukuyuki, World K Michifuku and the list goes on.
A bull that will deliver profit and quality.
Q0412 lots of 50 strawsSemen available from a top 10% growth bull. A huge + 33 400 day, +50 600 day and +56 Mwt this bull will breed a line of huge sale cattle.
Wagyu Breeder index of 209 in the top 15% and self replacing index in top 25%. An ET bull of impecible genetics on both sides.
Q0313 lots of 30 strawsSired by Sumo Cattle Co Michifuku F153, YALFQ031 is a bull that will produce. He scores carcase weight in the top 15% at 32kg and an EBV EMA score of 3.4 (top 25%). Additonally a solid marble score of 1.4 and a top 5% marble fineness puts him as an asset in any production herd.
R152 lots of 15 straws
3 lots of 30 straws
R15 is an Elite bull with a terrific pedigree. Sired by TYDDEWI N4431, making him a sibling to some of the best bulls out currently. This young bull has exceptional growth, milk and marbling. A Trifactor that is hard to come by. Marble score +1.7 (top 15%), Milk +4 (top 15%), 600 day weight +44, and 400 day weight +31.